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Solar energy firm BBOXX and French electricity company EDF have signed an agreement to develop and market solutions for access to off-grid electricity in Togo. BBOXX and EDF said they plan to provide ‘a reliable, affordable and CO2-free contribution’ to the government’s electrification programme, known as ‘CIZO’, which aims to supply over five hundred thousand …

Alicia BullerJuly 17, 2018

SolarCoin is the world’s largest community-based solar electricity reward programme. Its alternative digital currency can be claimed by individuals with solar-powered homes or commercial solar electricity producers.  The low carbon blockchain token is exclusively granted for free to solar energy producers at the rate of one SolarCoin for one megawatt hour of solar power generated. …

John KeaneJune 26, 2018

Much of Africa still has no access to electricity. It’s time the continent came out of the darkness, writes John Keane, CEO of Solar Aid It’s been an amazing few years for solar in Africa. If you follow the news you will have seen numerous announcements about the amount of renewables being installed across the …

Nick RiceJune 5, 2018

Out Of The Box Energy’s Robert Jardine says it’s only a matter of time before Africa is empowered through independent solar energy projects Robert Jardine is the founder of Out of the Box Energy Solutions (5B Africa), which develops and distributes mobile solar PV and hybrid solar PV products into Southern Africa

Nick RiceApril 20, 2018

Italian startup OffGridBox has a mission to provide sustainable energy and safe water globally. Its solution is an all-in-one off-grid system that fits inside a 6×6 feet shipping container and is equipped with all the hardware needed to produce electricity and clean water. Dirty water or rainwater is poured into an integrated polyethylene tank and using …

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