Germany’s ‘Father Of Green Energy’ Accuses EU Of ‘Protecting’ Fossil Business

Hans-Josef Fell, former Green Party MP for Germany and founder of Energy Watch Group, slammed the new EU renewable energy target of 32 per cent as ‘not ambitious enough’. 

Hans-Josef Fell, former Green Party MP for Germany and founder of Energy Watch Group, has slammed the new EU renewable energy target of 32 per cent as ‘not ambitious enough’. 

“This means that the EU will still be highly polluted and require yet more expensive fossil fuel and nuclear energy to cover 68 per cent of its energy demand by 2030.

“This is in spite of the latest dramatic increase of climate disasters and weather extremes,” Fell told Impact4All.

Following extensive late night negotiations on Thursday, discussions surrounding energy policy between the European Parliament and EU member states reached a compromise on a 32 per cent renewable energy objective, up from the previous goal of 27 per cent, and a complete phase-out of palm oil use in transport by 2030.

However, Fell said that the EU’s strategy to reduce the domestic use of biofuels and forbid import of sustainably produced palm oil will cause more problems.

“Altogether this will lead to further greenhouse gas emissions.. and we need to dramatically decrease those to reach the Paris Agreement targets,” Fell said.

The former politician, who has been often been coined the ‘father’ of Germany’s green energy movement, said: “As more and more countries swiftly shift their energy sectors to renewables, the EU is extremely slow and keeps protecting its fossil and nuclear businesses. The EU is dangerously backing away from its former position as climate leader.”

The EU talks on Thursday also established the right of European citizens, local authorities, small businesses and cooperatives to produce, consume, store and sell their own renewable energy, without being subject to punitive taxes or excessive red tape.

Fell agreed that the EU negotiation which allows for private and cooperative renewable energy use is ‘positive’, but he said ‘even here the limit of 25kW is too low.’

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  • Edd Seg

    June 25, 2018 at 7:55 pm

    Why closure of Nuclear Powerplants in Europe ?? That is nonsense !! ( “Green energy ” is only politics, no scientific background ). In the Far-East we are relying more and more on Hydropower and Nuclear Energy , due to its high energy density and qualities: NO ( ZERO) AIR POLUTION, high performance, great reliability, reasonable costs (even India is going for that)

    An energy expert


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