A new network of clean energy hubs are planned in the UK to further research and innovation Three ‘Supergen’ centres covering bioenergy, offshore renewables, and energy networks are being launched with £5 million each of government funding. It’s expected that new hubs will involve researchers taken from 19 universities, along with 70 partners from outside …

Klaus OehlerJuly 23, 2018

Lars Quandel, head of energy and infrastructure at HSH Nordbank, speaks to Impact4All about the growing popularity of renewable investment and the scramble for sustainable projects More and more industries are chasing assets in the sustainability sector. “Currently there is a lot of liquidity looking for very few assets,” said Lars Quandel, head of energy …

Morgan EldredJuly 17, 2018

Artificial intelligence in renewables is driving autonomous micro-grids Artificial intelligence (AI) overall and within the renewable sector has been a hot topic for some time now. It is not a new concept. In 1950, the British mathematician and computer pioneer Alan Turing declared that one day a machine would be able to duplicate human intelligence …

John KeaneJune 26, 2018

Much of Africa still has no access to electricity. It’s time the continent came out of the darkness, writes John Keane, CEO of Solar Aid It’s been an amazing few years for solar in Africa. If you follow the news you will have seen numerous announcements about the amount of renewables being installed across the …

Klaus OehlerJune 24, 2018

China, the US and Europe are battling for marketshare amid a turbulent but growing solar energy market, writes Klaus Oehler German solar companies are apprehensive. In the weeks before Munich-based Intersolar, which ran over three days in June, more than 30 internationally active companies and research institutions wrote an open letter to the German government …

Alicia BullerJune 22, 2018

The majority of technical barriers to producing mass-scale global solar power have been removed, according a First Solar expert. Mahesh Morjaria, VP, PV systems development at the US’s largest manufacturer of photovoltaic panels, told Impact4All: “We are always trying to reduce the barriers for large-scale solar energy. We have reduced the technical barriers to the …

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