Can a Startup Compete With Tesla’s New Solar Roof? Drawing on its construction industry know-how, Forward Labs wants to build a better solar roof. The main output from Elon Musk’s solar roof, so far, has been news articles, rather than, say, electricity. GTM reporters and a slew of guest contributors have investigated the price, technology …

California’s Grid Faces an Existential Crisis. What Kind of Market Reforms Will Solve It? This week’s episode of The Energy Gang was taped live at GTM’s Solar Summit. On the docket: California’s difficult grid-planning choices, terawatt-scale PV, and a rapid-fire overview of the news. California released a white paper last week documenting the stunning decline …


Urban Climate Resiliency: New Microgrid Systems for New Storms From New York City to San Francisco, our urban environments are increasingly vulnerable to power outages. Today, we stand at a crossroad where two complex challenges will either collide to make for an American future cast in the gloom of past glory or one enjoying prosperity, …


Energy Absolute Plots Asian Project Rivaling Musk’s Gigafactory A little-known company from Thailand with grand ambitions in clean energy wants to take on Tesla Inc. at its own game. Energy Absolute Pcl, which has morphed in recent years from a producer of biodiesel to Thailand’s leading renewable energy company, is eyeing a major push into …

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