New business models such as Mobility-as-a-Service to gain traction with the integration of multiple mobility platforms The overall carsharing vehicle pool is expected to expand from 983k in 2017 to 1237k in 2018, driven by motorists’ desire to use alternative modes of transport


Innovation Decarbonisation priorities need to be refreshed to address the new decarbonisation challenges, such as integrating high shares of renewable power and electrifying the end-use sectors of transport, industry and buildings The transformation of the global energy system is already well underway, but policymakers must refocus their attention on a new set of innovation priorities if …


The rise of quantum supremacy and testing of flying personal transportation will lead global shifts in 2018 Technology is a primary disruptor. From the size and power of leading companies to the nimble force of disruptive tech SMEs, the world as we know it is changing faster than ever before. Global shifts in 2018 will …

Nick RiceApril 20, 2018

Italian startup OffGridBox has a mission to provide sustainable energy and safe water globally. Its solution is an all-in-one off-grid system that fits inside a 6×6 feet shipping container and is equipped with all the hardware needed to produce electricity and clean water. Dirty water or rainwater is poured into an integrated polyethylene tank and using …

Nick RiceApril 10, 2018

Nick Rice explores the potential of the Third Industrial Revolution as a post-consumerism, post-capitalism solution for a world that’s being driven to the brink… We could be on the cusp of an incredible future, with humanity evolving to embrace new communities and an overarching sense of stewardship for the planet. Or, we might be about to go …

Alicia BullerMarch 5, 2018

Middle East MENA Solar Plants, EVs, and Digital Energy To Boom In 2018 Future of Solar Energy The Middle East is on track to see its large scale solar plants grow extensively over the coming year, according to the Middle East Solar Industry Association (MESIA). MESIA also predicts the region will see an increase in …


Solar power explained (Solar electricity) How do solar panels work?   Life on Earth could not survive without the sun. It provides light and heat, the seasons and the day and night cycle necessary for life to have evolved. Today, we’re exploiting the energy from the sun to power our lives and experts say one …

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