About Us


About Us

The world is at a turning point

Impact4All.org recognises that we stand at a crossroads in history. Our planet is challenged by rising inequality, volatile financial markets, dwindling bio-capacity and progressive climate change. At the same time, we are living in an age of astonishing technological capability and solutions. Put simply, the earth is at a critical juncture and we are living in a time of consequences.

Two years ago, COP21 in Paris called for radical, joined up action for the longevity of our planet with the reduction of carbon emissions and the acceleration of green energy. It was a good start, but UN experts and scientists across the globe have since repeatedly expressed their concerns that more needs to be done. Impact4All is dedicated to mobilising a world powered by 100 per cent renewable energy. Sooner rather than later.

We’re doing that by using our unifying, disruptive platform to allow all stakeholders and audiences to be informed and participate at any level in the renewable energy, resource management and environmental ecosystem. Impact4All has been fundamentally created to break down barriers between audiences, activists and investors.

Our site delivers news, analysis, connectivity and trading capability for the renewable energy and resource management network. It’s like nothing out there. We combine the information, the contacts, the connectivity and the technology to disrupt the green energy status quo.

Ultimately our technology and community will drive accelerated growth and innovation – increasing the speed and efficiency of the renewable energy market and all its related industry sectors, from institutional investments to contract executions and product transactions.

Impact4All.org contains industry-leading coverage provided by world-class journalists and a global network of expert contributors. It is a unique and powerful platform – open to all, driving value for end users, developers, producers, investors and governments alike.

We ask you to engage with the us on your terms, and in the process, participate with the world’s leading platform, covering every facet of this exciting, positive, complex industry sector, social and political movement.

Welcome to Impact4All.org – your Basecamp for the Future of Global Energy and Resource Management.

Impact4All.org and I4A.exchange is an initiative supported by a diverse range of Strategic Global Tier 1 Media Partners, delivering quality audiences to every brand narrative and investment opportunity – building meaningful engagement for all.

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About us

Impact4All is designed to deliver the full spectrum of news, analysis and connectivity that allows all players and audiences to become informed and participate at any level in the new energy sector. It is designed to break down barriers between audiences, activists and investors.

Impact4All.org is currently developing and preparing to deploy a best in class, multi-level, universally accessible tender, transaction and e-commerce facility (I4A.exchange). This has been designed and built for all participants, at all levels within the ecosystem of renewable energy and resource management investments. This platform will allow contacts and connections to be facilitated more efficiently, accelerating climate solution projects globally.