Could Flywheels Solve Storage Problems?

Flywheels are an economic solution for meeting the growing need for electrical energy storage

In this article from the European Energy Centre, Professor Keith Pullen from City University of London discusses the use of flywheels as an ‘effective and sustainable’ way to meet the growing demand for energy storage.

As Dr Pullen explains, the increased use of renewable energy is creating supply and demand problems, since energy creation is often dependent on variables, such as seasons and weather. In order to counter this problem, energy storage will be crucial.

Although Lithium Ion batteries are providing one solution, they can have quite short lives and degrade very quickly. There are also plans to use EV batteries but, as with Lithium Ion batteries, these will degrade and will need to be disposed of.

A flywheel stores energy in rotational momentum and could be an excellent way to ensure that we are able to store energy produced from renewable sources for use when required, says Dr Pullen.

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The European Energy Centre (EEC) focuses on renewable energy training and conference delivery. The EEC works with the United Nations Environment Programme, the Intergovernmental International Institute of Refrigeration and Centro Studi Galileo, along with universities such as Edinburgh Napier University and Heriot-Watt University.

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  • Francois Kneider

    May 14, 2018 at 10:30 pm

    Yes, for a short time, it could electric, using Capacitors.
    Not so necessary, if applied to the: Hydro-Thermal Engine. <
    Mechanical Motion. <
    Its Energy is clean, cheap, abundant, unlimited autonomy, available almost everywhere, almost free, works 24 hours 365 days, in which storing, infrastructure, is not needed. That will change the way of minding Energy, up to forget how was. It turns everything, even the forms of linking energy around the world.


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