Wind Power In Europe Grew 25 Per Cent in 2017 – Study

2017 was a record year for offshore wind in Europe according to statistics from WindEurope. Europe installed 3.1 GW of new offshore wind, taking total capacity to 15.8 GW, an increase of 25 per cent in just one year. 

This Man Wants Every Car in Oz to Be E-Powered… Here’s What He’s Doing About It

Australian startup Evenergi is on mission to help people think about how they are using energy. Their vision is, “For every car and home to be powered by sustainable energy” and to empower customers in supporting the digital, energy efficiency and renewable energy revolution.

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Ban Ki-moon Says It’s Time for Investors to Cut Some Checks for Renewable Energy

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told hundreds of investors on Wednesday that they should aim to double the amount of capital they commit to clean energy production by the year 2020.

Millions of French People Could Get Energy From Roads Covered With Solar Panels

Imagine miles and miles of roadway stretching towards the horizon, glinting under the afternoon sun. Now, imagine those same roads transforming the sun’s rays into enough power for millions of people.

Clean Energy ‘Miracles’ Remain Elusive — But Here’s Why That Might Not Be a Problem

Despite high-profile support from President Barack Obama, US funding for low-carbon energy research has stalled in Congress — but current technologies like wind and solar power keep plugging away.


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VIDEO: UN, Al Gore Warn of ‘Human Pain’ From Climate Change

The year 2016 was the hottest on record, continuing the trend for a third year. A major extension of the West Antarctic ice sheet has broken off and Swiss glaciers continue to recede. Is there still time to limit warming to two degrees and, if not, how do we adapt?

Quick Look: 5 Clean Energy Takeouts From WEF 2018

The world’s great and good descended upon snowy Davos in Switzerland last week to grapple with some of the planet’s most pressing challenges at the World Economic Forum (WEF).

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